Defense Capabilities

We’re a leading manufacturer of plastics components and solutions for both Commercial law enforcement and Military Defense applications. We manufacture for the Defense Industry both precision injection molding as well as custom profile extrusion of most all high performance plastic materials.

We’re a leading North American plastic extruder within the Defense industry.  We process hardy engineering resins across a variety of rigid profile and tubing specifications, supporting applications that require functional casings and enclosures, cartridge housings, and trim and finish parts.

Injection Molding
Our core knowledge of precision molding of parts and extruded components for defense, coupled with our extensive experience in metal-to-plastics conversions using complex engineering and high-performance materials, is why we are the partner of choice for many defense companies.

Machined Parts
We deploy a variety of CNC machining solutions to machine raw stock extrusions and slats.  Some of our core machining abilities include machining difficult engineering materials, maintaining superior finish and close tolerances, excellence in burr control, stress relieving capabilities, annealing knowledge, post-curing techniques, and surface treatments.

Fabrication and Assemblies
Our wide range of downstream process capabilities, including close tolerance cutting, punching, machining (drilling, boring and routing), sub-assembly, and heat forming, afford us the ability to provide customers with high quality finished parts and assemblies to accomplish a wide range of solution needs.